A man sitting in his living room patiently waiting.
A man sitting in his living room patiently waiting.
A man sitting in his living room patiently waiting.
A man sitting in his living room patiently waiting.
A man sitting in his living room patiently waiting.
A man sitting in his living room patiently waiting.
A man sitting in his living room patiently waiting.
A man sitting in his living room patiently waiting.
Pink Moon, now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all the rest. Crafted by Octagon Blues
Pink Moon, now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all the rest. Crafted by Octagon Blues
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Rodrigo Ribeiro (he/him) is a dancer and interdisciplinary artist born in Porto, in 1999. He attended Ginasiano Dance School for 8 years, having had the opportunity to participate in intensive courses with Pina Bausch Tanz (2013, Germany), Malandain Ballet Biarritz (2014, France) and Carte Blanche (2017, Norway). He finished his artistic education specialized in the field of dance in 2017. In the same year, he started his Bachelor of Dance at Codarts University for the Arts (Rotterdam, Netherlands), where he entered in works by Roy Assaf, Wayne McGregor, Andonis Foniadakis, Nacho Duato, Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. In early 2021, he started working with the latter, at ICK Amsterdam, joining ICK Next as an apprentice.

As an interdisciplinary artist, he has created and participated in projects in the fields of graphic design, visual arts, music and film production, being a member and co-founder of the crossdisciplinary collective Octagon Blues. He released his first EP with the collective in June 2020, entitled “OB-1”, the singles “Pink Moon” and "Spindoctor" afterwards, and the latest EP "Innerflections", in September 2023.

In 2019, he debuted his first choreographic piece, “METi”, and presented it in 5 cultural spaces in the Netherlands. He also released his first short dance film, “Ouroböros”, in 2020, with original music composed and produced by himself.

In 2021, Rodrigo started his career as a freelancer, being involved in a few dance projects with Rianne Keyzer, Karine Guizzo and Kale Companhia de Dança, and composing the score for contemporary dance pieces by Dalton Jansen, Joana Couto, Leo Calvino, Laura Daelemans & Margarida Constantino.

Work Experience


2021 Apprenticeship with ICK NEXT at ICK Amsterdam

2021 Apprenticeship with GöteborgsOperan Danskompani (cancelled due to COVID-19)

2020 Codarts Dance Company - Talent On The Move (premiére together with The Ailey School: Theater De Veste, Delft - 27/01/2020)

  • ‘Boys’ by Roy Assaf (staged by Niv Marinberg)
  • ‘Human Figures’ by Ton Simons (staged by Szabi Pataki, Sara Erens and Caroline Harder)
  • ‘Non Solo Medea’ by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten (staged by Beatrice Cardone, Denis Bruno and Emio Greco)
  • ‘Gnawa (excerpt)’ by Nacho Duato (staged by Quentin Roger and Hilde Koch)
  • ‘Façade’ by Andonis Foniadakis (staged by Andonis Foniadakis and Sun-Hee Dieben)

Dance Productions:

2023 Margarida Constantino - Self-Help (performer and live musician)

2023 Kanoko Takeuchi - Not For Sale (as rehearsal director)

2023 Rianne Keyzer - Deventer (at the official opening of museum EICAS)

2022 Karine Guizzo - The Threatened Swan (at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)

2022 Lukas Timulak - Daydream (campaign directed by Ruben Van Leer for Sennheiser)

2022 Karine Guizzo and Lukas Timulak - 125th Anniversary Event

2022 Margarida Constantino - Tao Naar Dis (videoclip for Jesse Passenier)

2022 Rianne Keyzer - Nardinc (at Singer Laren for the opening of the Nardinc Collectie)

2021 Kale Companhia de Dança - VINTE E UM (Auditório Municipal de Gaia - 14/11/2021)

2020 Kale Companhia de Dança - Encontro (Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima - 16/10/2020)

2019 BIG IDEA #1 - choreography by Lucinda Childs (Onderzeebootloads, Rotterdam - 17/10/2019)

2017 Gaël Domenger (FR) - Daphnis et Chloé (Armazém 22, Vila Nova de Gaia - 13/07/2017)

2015 Kale Companhia de Dança - Marcelo Ferreira (BR) - Les Élements (Coliseu do Porto, Porto - 15/11/2015)

Audiovisual Installations:

2023 LIMEN (in collaboration with Samuel van der Veer) [for NDT Open Space ‘23]

  • spatial music composition synced with a light installation via timecode and MIDI

Own Productions:

2020 Ouroböros (short dance film - direction, choreography, score...)

selected by:
Curtas de Dança - Porto (09/2020)

2019 METi (choreography, music, light design and graphic design)

presented in:
Codarts Theaterzaal - Premiére (2/05/19)
Het Nieuwe Instituut - Neuhaus exhibition inauguration (18/05/19)
Theater Rotterdam - Codarts Own Work (18/06/19)
Korzo Theater - Codarts Own Work (29/06/19)
Weelde Rotterdam - MOMO Fabrique (03/09/22)

Music Productions:

2023 Innerflections with Octagon Blues (released in 04/09/2023)

2023 Hiro Murata - A Silent Rattle

2023 Margarida Constantino - Self-Help: How to make babies, have a career and eat organic - live mixing

2023 Margarida Constantino - Sagração De Quem Era

2023 Kanoko Takeuchi - Not For Sale

2020 Spindoctor with Octagon Blues (released in 19/12/2022)

2022 Ana Meireles & Evelyn Hutchings - So, Now What?

2022 Leo Calvino & Joana Couto - Apneia - live mixing

2022 Davines World Wide Hair Tour 2022 - Parma, Italy

2021 Laura Daelemans and Margarida Constantino - That's so tapical

2021 Joana Couto - Sinto Muito (quadraphonic and live mixing)

  • residency in Ballet National de Marseille - Marseille, France (8/2021)
  • residency in Derida Dance Center - Sofia, Bulgaria (8/2020)

2021 Leo Calvino - INERCIA

2021 Pink Moon with Octagon Blues (released in 26/05/2021)

2021 Joana Couto - If Only This Was About Food (premiére: Palcos Instáveis in Teatro Municipal do Campo Alegre, Porto - 9/04/2021)

2020 OB-1 with Octagon Blues (released in 17/06/2020)

Graphic Design works:

2023 Innerflections cover artwork with Octagon Blues

2023 NDT Open Space '23 branding

2023 NDT Switch '23 branding

2022 Spindoctor cover artwork with Octagon Blues

2021 Pink Moon cover artwork with Octagon Blues

2020 OB-1 cover artwork with Octagon Blues

2020 Octagon Blues branding

2019 Steady Structures branding

2018 The Russian Guy poster

2017 FNAEBS branding

2017 K2 Youth Dance Company branding

Career Path

Bachelor of Dance (2021)


Codarts University of Arts - Bachelor in Dance

Artistic education: Ballet; Modern (Graham, Cunningham, Laban); Jazz; Improvisation; Partnering; Drama; Artistic Research

Guest Teachers: Xanthe Van Opstal (NL); Marina Mascarell (ES); Yael Cibulski (IL); Niv Marinberg (IL); Tom Weksler (IL); Simon de Mowbray (GB); Chiara Mezzadri (IT); Michael Langeneckert (DE); Christophe Dozzi (FR); Merel Lammers (NL); Amy Raymond (US); Ralf Jarochinski (DE); Min Li (CN); Curtis Foley (CA); Kristina Alleyne (GB)

High School Diploma (2017)

(Diploma de Conclusão do Ensino Secundário)


Escola Secundária Almeida Garrett

General education: Portuguese; English; Philosophy

Ginasiano Escola de Dança


Ginasiano Escola de Dança

Artistic education: Classical Ballet; Contemporary; Cunningham; Graham; Release Technique; Flying-low; Composition

Theoretical education: Music; Art History; Anatomy

Guest Teachers: Leda Mazzei Fernandes (BR), Nina Zaera (AR), Glòria Gella (ES), Giuseppe Chiavaro (IT), Gaël Domenger (FR), Pedro J. Berdäyes (ES), Cristina Planas Leitão (PT)

Cover artwork for Octagon Blues' new EP titled "Innerflections" situated inside an underwater piano with spiralling spheres.